My Apollo

A tender and uplifting story in a beautiful and lush hand-illustrated picture book, printed on heavyweight velvety art paper, this is an unforgettable art book and children's book that is only available via the art studio.

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The Story

My Apollo is a tale of the healing bond between a small boy named Briar and a rescue greyhound dog named Apollo. These two characters come together in the beginning of the story with some difficulties of their own.

Briar comes from a single-father family and has been struggling in school with falling grades and social anxiety. Apollo was bred to run races on a racing track, and by the time he was at a shelter, he has developed a deep distrust of humans and a fearful orientation to life. The rest of the story follows these two very lovable characters as they grow a deep bond and help each other overcome their challenges.

The Inspiration

The plot of My Apollo was inspired by the rehabilitation of my own beloved greyhound, Apollo. Many of the early drawings I did for this book were life studies of him. When I first adopted Apollo, he was terrified of many things, like loud sounds, sudden movements, and physical contact. Over time, and with patience and training, he opened up and grew more and more affectionate and care-free.

In helping Apollo and witnessing his willingness to embrace life's new vistas, I, too, was transformed for the better. It was during the first year of bringing Apollo home that I finally came up with the courage to pursue my dream of being a career artist. As many rescue-dog-lovers understand, it's not always clear who rescued whom.

The Book

Every single page of this 40-page full-color hardbound book is hand-painted with archival watercolor paints on heavyweight watercolor paper, with no digital alteration. I wanted to retain the textured paper and hand-painted look and feel in the final hardcover book.

Elegance with a dash of naive; artistry with simplicity. My vision for this book is that it is both a children's book, and an art book, using the highest quality art paper for printing, with beautifully designed end papers, dust sleeve - the whole nine yards. My Apollo is a true collectible in every way.

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